Focusing on customer expectations

Update and simplification of customer relationship to improve efficiency

Easra experts

1/25/20231 min read

What are today customers' expectations ? Easiness in comparing prices, services and exchanging customers' surveys and comments are current expectations of smartphone users. They have new expectations, i.e. simplification and update of procedures in purchasing products and services on digital platforms. Therefore they are looking for more transparency and direct explanations when they need their vehicle be repaired.

What is lean management ? Automotive service and repair activities are being brought in line with lean management concepts, that is to say that every step in the repair process has to be properly planned and communicated to customers so that making them feel that they are part of it.

Some examples of methods and tools, which were already pointed out in Ireland by Clive Atkinson and Dr Margaret Linhan in the International Journal of Business and Management, in 2008, as follows: pre-diagnosis, which means checking every vehicle and on-line informing customers about work to be done; tracing repairers' movements carrying out every task, in order to improve method and time of repair; describing customers' request and providing a feedback directly from repairers in charge of vehicles; monitoring the progress of every work, from start to finish; answering customers' questions, queries, complaints and correcting problems that can arise, because this approach is to be seen as a token of customers' trust in the workshop they have chosen and their final good comments are the best referral.

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