Mobility as a service, which repairers' added value ?

Offering guidance in helping repairers to update their business model and show customers their added value

Easra experts

12/16/20221 min read

What is mobility as a service ? It is a solution to urban congestion, environmental and road safety problems. Consumers or vehicles are linked to a digital platform, data are provided to make easier end-to-end planning, booking, payments services for all modes of transportation.

High quality services tailored to expressed needs of consumers - As consumers loyalty is influenced both by price and personal relationship, repairers have to anticipate their needs. Criteria such as time for booking appointment and repair services, transparency regarding breakdowns and price, reknown quality and performance of repairs are decisive requirements for customers.

Digital solutions informing, saving cost, time and making life easier for consumers are key factors in repairers success. Added value of their services require, thus that repairers, with the agreement of consumers, that have chosen them, have direct access to their personal data and to in-vehicle data, like manufacturers' networks already have.

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